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Now Viagra has been seen to not be a sole cure for impotence. There are many medications that have come to claim that they can curb the disease that is called erectile dysfunction. The drugs are a part of the PDE-5 inhibitors. These drugs would promise the effects like the increased blood flowing to your penis and for you to give a better enlargement. There are some that have even claimed to be very herbal. But the medicines do act in many different ways to achieve the heightened sexual pleasure.

Impotence would occur when the man would not sustain their erections long enough to enjoy their intercourse. There are some cases that there is a great difficulty in achieving the erection. The condition would be caused from physical injuries or would be due to some kind of psychological trauma. This would affect their nerves and would reduce the blood flowing in their penis.

Levitra is a drug that would help to be able to control the disorder. The FDA has approved this drug after tedious testing. Almost all of they results were very positive and had shown that the drug would be able to treat the diabetes along with the prostrate cancer. However, the medication had also caused some side effects. Their common side effects were headache, the flushing along with a little runny nose, but the reactions were very mild and would disappear very quickly. Some of the uncommon but very dangerous effects would be the prolonged erections that would continue for many hours along with the inability to be able to tell the difference between green and blue.

Levitra relaxes your muscles and your blood vessels that are in your penis, and in turn induce your erection. This drug is taken orally only once a day. The dosage would produce the erection long enough to have your sexual intercourse. The very important fact you need to know about Levitra is it will not stimulate the sexual urges, nor would it cause the automatic erection. You will still need to have the sexual arousal well before you would achieve your erection. This is not a permanent fix for your impotence. The effects of Levitra subside after you have had intercourse.

With anyone who has suffered from Ed, Levitra has proven to be a great boon. The drug has had a huge breakthrough, and has also earned the inventors the Noble Prize. A prescription would be required for you to purchase the drugs. Prescriptions could also be filled on some websites through the online medical stores. The questions here would be how long could a man thrive on the drug. You will need to consult your physicians for the usage directions. One could also have a surgical treatment like the penile injections and the vacuum tubes done.

Having the ED is very hard core. But Levitra has made this very different for all of the patients that have given this a try. Either way if it enlarges your penis or just relaxes the muscles, the effects are going to be the same. You will need to note that the effect of the drug is truly resent and all of the long term effects truly are unknown.


In old times, people usually use herbs from plants for the treatment of various diseases. This procedure supposes to be one of the best in curing fatal diseases of that time. People rely on these methods and usually use these herbs of their own without any prescription. Sometimes it goes well but on other occasion this led to other disease at the same time. This usually happen because of lack of knowledge and awareness among the people. The trend has changed these days and people now days are not willing to use these somewhat fake method to cure their disease. People of modern time prefer to consult with the doctor, got a full knowledge and then go for the treatment. The trend changed because people are more aware and have more knowledge than those of old times. As result of that entire scenario a term medicine is defined few years back which relate to the treatment of disease. 

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